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So there were a lot of excellent and thoughtful responses. Some of the information was new to me, some was old and some was over my head :). But in the end you all have helped confirm what I thought I knew, pointed me to what I needed to know and gave me some starting points.

A few details to clear things up:

1) OK, using lapels just sucks. We can forget them.

2) The over the ear mic – I had the pastor just keep it closer to his mouth and its been fine.

3) The last offender is a podium mic by Audio technica (U859QL). This one is really driving me crazy. The podium is underneath the main speakers (hung center above stage), but behind them (only a few feet offset).

I did find a few frequencies that seem to be repeat offenders and cut them out a little in the overall main GEQ, and then some at the source input PEQ – is there a better place to make that adjustment?

I was really hoping there is some FX that was a feedback killer magic module… but given that no one said “Man, you havent used the anit-feedback FX yet?!” It seems that might not be the case :)

BigBean: Your response got a good chuckle out of me. I will probably remember you (digitally) for a long time, thinking about polishing turds. It may not be how you want to be remembered, but it stuck.

But I didnt quite understand what this meant:

“Start by creating two notches of 9 db. One at 350 w/ a Q of 7, one at 530 same Q.Sweep them up and down until you located the problems.”

I cant say I know what “Q” is. I am gathering you suggest a frequency generator and run it (sweep) to find frequencies that cause the mic to have issues.

Rick Khors – You said something about an “RTA” in the GEQ. I dont see that in the GEQ settings for the main outs… and I only see PEQ on the individual input. Beside that, Im not sure what an RTA is – but I can google it :)

Cornish – the only outputs for the mics in question are the main house speakers. All monitors are in-ear, so there is no other output source.

Jono – Ill google the S-pen. Thanks!

Chris – yeah, like you suggested I’ve had limited success using compression to control feedback. It seems to be the wrong tool for the problem generally speaking.

BigBean, Rick, Chris, Cornish, Jono – thank you all for the help.