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Muting a DCA has the effect of muting all channels assigned to it. (or at least they behave as if they are muted).

If you want to you can lock the DCA fader to unity so that it only functions as a mute group. I tend not to do this though, I just don’t move the fader unless I want to. [:D]The DCA mutes can be assigned to softkeys too.

There’s no reason you can’t set up your subgroups exactly the same on the GLD as you do on the GL, but you have more options. Bear in mind that muting a subgroup a channel is assigned to isn’t the same as muting the channel. (the channel will still pass signal to auxes etc.)

The DCA is like a big hand on all the faders assigned to it. A good use for this is to assign a DCA to your vocal FX sends and turn it down (or mute it) between songs when the singer is talking and turn turn it back up when the song starts.

Do you use your PA in mono or stereo?