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is it possible to route all of the AR2412 Inputs to the QU16?
I know that there are just 16Prozess-Channels at QU16 but if i have 2 bands then you often have to share the Drum but most of the other channels are for a different mikrofon or DI-Box! Then it would be nice to leave the cables plugged into the Rack and use Channel 17-24 on the AR2412 for the 2.Band.
So it should be possible to safe the Input-Routing on a scene or at minimum in a show-preset?

next Question:
Is it possible to swop the Stereo Output-Channels (IEM-Channels) To Mono-Outputs? (Left XLR-Output mono if you set it up in the syste-menu) So you don’t need a Y-Cable!

GL2400 32CH ==> GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84