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Originally posted by MikeGeez

I will checked for tone when nothing is connected when I arrive later today.

I do not have a Qbox, will invest soon. This will come in very handy.

Crestron is not in between my snake and mix rack. It is only used to connect all mixracks to the PA’s (Bar, Lobby etc) I can hear this tone directly from the headphone out on the mixrack. So i doubt crestron would be the issue.



I was not hinting the crestron was connecting the snake and idr .I was trying to get a simple system set up and eliminate possible causes as you troubleshoot, leaving the crestron or any other device patched in while you’re looking for the fault defeats your efforts………start with a basic setup, one idr and nothing else = no tone! ok move on. just adding the ouput connections to the crestron, is there a tone? then add something else, again is there a tone…..with everything patched in it’s going to be difficult for you to determine where this noise is coming from…..if you hear the tone from the headphone of the idr and want to eiliminate the idr as the defective cause there has to be nothing else plugged into it, no inputs no outputs! then add components until you are sure where the problem is…for every line in the snake to carry the tone is rather unusual and weird…..there has to be something you/we have overlooked……