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I will checked for tone when nothing is connected when I arrive later today.

I do not have a Qbox, will invest soon. This will come in very handy.

Crestron is not in between my snake and mix rack. It is only used to connect all mixracks to the PA’s (Bar, Lobby etc) I can hear this tone directly from the headphone out on the mixrack. So i doubt crestron would be the issue. The connection to crestron is also CAT5 using https://www.rane.com/rpm88.html

I cannot bypass the snake, because the floor plan doesn’t allow me to mix or setup in any other position for most applications. The idea is to take the iPad into the house or take the laptop down. Besides, Im afraid that’ll create another issue of the venue considering the “bandaid” as the solution to the problem.

I figured, this topic would end up beyond this forum but it was worth a try and still very helpful. This is a brand new space with poor design for audio. Overall I have it sounding pretty good in here and the tone is very faint for the untrained ear. but it’s KILLING me!