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Originally posted by MikeGeez

There is a snake installed on the stage. That is how FOH is connected. I believe the snake is the problem, but I cant bypass it due to construction. Im just trying to figure out why I am getting this tone and how can I stop it.

btw. Thanks Ray very helpful

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thanks for the detailed reply….we can indeed assume it is caused by the stage snake, somehow!!

Ok, for clarification, when nothing is patched in the snake and the snake is connected to the mixrack (nothing at the other end) ..you have the tone? have you tried troubleshooting just the snake with one of those or similar Qbox https://www.fullcompass.com/product/284629.html I’m suspecting the Crestrons have something to do with this …..unfortunately at this point this might be beyond the scope of this forum…..but, how does the crestron connect the systems ? cat5? the ones I’ve seen on the net are Sonnex multiroom systems : like these https://www.crestron.com/products/sonnex_digital_audio_distribution/products.asp….is this what your rooms have ? in the meantime could you not (I know you are in a booth but you might not want to mix in there!!), bypass the stage snakes by setting your mixracks directly on the stage and running a Cat 5 ace to FOH if you use the surface or just a network cable anywhere for your editor at least until you sort this out ??

Perhaps a mail to Crestron support would be in order…