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First let me say. Thanks for the responses. This is a very new system for me, nor did I set it up so im figuring it out along the way.

It’s actually a 10khz signal, I used a better RTA this time and I’ve removed this frequency on my graphic eq and it went away. I haven’t switched any of the mixracks because I have been having shows the past few days. Either way, im getting the same problem in every room. However, I am not having this issue with any other mic input on my mix rack. Im only having the issue on stage, this is why I believe it’s not the mic or the cable. (SM57/58 w Samson 25′ mic cable)

I have swapped the CAT 5 cables a bunch of times, no dice.

My rooms can be used separately or I can combine them all together. They are not linked to each other yet.

How is all this connected together ?? how is the stage mixrack connected to the foh mixrack? what is “my mix rack”that is not giving you the problem? is the (10Khz) cyclical like a tone or like a feedback ? for ease of troubleshooting you need to start from what works (i.e. only FOH) towards the problem….(add stage rack and see from there) at first the problem was in one of your rooms and now it’s in all the rooms….??? what’s the common denominator for all the room aside from the operator? when you EQ’d the 10K, where did you do this from? what mix ? like suggested before is it possible you have the signal generator assigned to your stage mix? if your FOH mix is clean and you are sharing inputs (1 mic to 2 different mixrack sockets for an FOH/mon setup)) then the problem must be at the stage mix….not at the mixrack! You also mention all your inputs then say you believe it’s not the cable or the mic?? very confusing information?? Make the setup as simple as you can clearly walk your way thru and then add elements until you get to the problem and find what’s wrong…..again how are the foh and the stage connected? is it one rack in a mon/foh set up or is it some other type of installation? to best help you we need a clearer description than what you’ve given us…..

hope that helps