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First let me say. Thanks for the responses. This is a very new system for me, nor did I set it up so im figuring it out along the way.

It’s actually a 10khz signal, I used a better RTA this time and I’ve removed this frequency on my graphic eq and it went away. I haven’t switched any of the mixracks because I have been having shows the past few days. Either way, im getting the same problem in every room. However, I am not having this issue with any other mic input on my mix rack. Im only having the issue on stage, this is why I believe it’s not the mic or the cable. (SM57/58 w Samson 25′ mic cable)

I have swapped the CAT 5 cables a bunch of times, no dice.

My rooms can be used separately or I can combine them all together. They are not linked to each other yet.