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Originally posted by Pit Lenz

Hello Willy,
The “clear PAFL” button is just for doing this: clear the pre/after-fade listening situation.

No, Pit Lenz :)
The “clear PAFL” button just clears the PAFL. What I would like is a “Clear PAFL/MIX/Select” button (understanding that the L&R then would be selected as “MIX”, but I would like the “Select” and “PAFL” to be inactive. This for the simple reason of knowing I’m on the Main mix layer, if you like, with “nothing” else selected.

“If you need an emergency exit (this was the FIRST thing I set up in my personal template), dedicate a key to “select mix L-R”.
This does exaxtly what you`re asking for. I have it on button #10. It lights up red if you`re safe ( mix l/R), no matter if L/R is showing on your active layer. Very convenient!”

This does almost what I am asking for, but maybe I’m asking too much :)
There is a new function in the softkey setup called “Sel/Mix/PAFL Scene” (with the option of not choosing a scene) that almost does the job for me, but the problem is that it leaves
the “PAFL” and the “Select” active for the L&R channel, which means more pressing of buttons to clear theseā€¦