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Originally posted by Bear

Hi guys,

We had an issue over the weekend during our Easter services. In the past our techs have used an iPad2 or an laptop with Editor, without any issue. On the weekend the two techs tried to use both; one with the iPad2 in the congregation while the other was at FOH with Editor running wirelessly.

Every time the the Editor connected the iPad2 would drop. In the end the guys decided to use the iPad only.

I suspect the problem is the router. The one we are using is just one I had laying around at home and not a recommended one; it worked fine before so I didn’t see any point in buying a new one.

When I go in next I will try to troubleshoot this, but is there anything else it could be that I haven’t thought of? Could it be an IP address issue?


Could be both units(editor and ipad) had the same ip address…..