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I used managed switches in all my racks.
I plug everything into the switch, just connect the iLive control port (not ACE), Dante port and your wireless AP all into the managed switch.
Then if I am doing a DANTE split, I just connect a single CAT 5E cable between the two racks and into each of the switches.
This gives me control and audio to any surface or device on the network and it works perfectly.
I have even been able to send DANTE out to remote laptops via dedicated wireless links.

Most managed switches on default settings work fine as the settings are usually optimised for VOIP.

The switches I am using are older rack mount switches that I picked up on Ebay for a steal, these have come from retired data centers and probably cost thousands of dollars originally.

I am using a combination of DELL PowerConnect switches and Linksys SWR switches which also have POE which drives my wireless AP’s.