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Honestly I’m surprised at the comments.

Android Dev and IPad dev are different,yes. However there are a few solutions out there that can create apps for both platforms from a single code base. Also, there are a plethora of developers available to code apps for each.

What would make sense is a web based receiver api on the GLD(it’s linux based and running a web server on it would be easy). Development on the other devices would be simplified with a native display that makes calls in the backend to the GLD. You’d be spending more dev time on interface tuning.

You aren’t worrying so much about hardware compatibility and more on design.

Also,anyone who says Android isn’t for serious computing probably doesn’t understand just how powerful the android devices are. Believe me, I make my motorola Xoom tablet do backflips around iPads and the tabletis a few years old. I can simply do more with an android, faster, than I could with an Ipad. That’s why I own an android tablet.

For android Hardware support,A&H should focus on tablets. Specifically the Samsungs,Motorolas, etc. It’s not so much the hardware as it is just the OS. So pickone!. Android 3.2 to 4.2 would be fin for support. Even 4.1 and 4.2. It’s not a ton of work to make sure your code base runs on both.

Btw there are plenty of android tablets in use globally (more than 2). Honestly, the industry is expecting android tabs to overtake ipads in a few years, much as the android phones have done to the iphones.

Check the links, lest you doubt:


Android Dev isn’t hard. I know,I run software company. Most of the issues I’ve seen aren’t really issues,just some lack of information and a few apple fan boys.

Seriously, A&H should seriously consider developing an android app. The GLD runs linux, most likely with the RTkernel and maybe jack audio or something similar to handle the audio processing. I’m sure there are a enough *nix heads on the inside who would be down for some Android Dev. Just have to convince the decision makers that the business case is worth it.

It’s worth it.