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Thanks xjcsa – these are good and realistic suggestions (some of which are already climbing up the wish-list chart in A&H software HQ!).


Originally posted by xjcsa

I know some others have posted feature requests here, and my list may include some duplication, but I wanted to get these thoughts out there. I’m currently using a GLD with AR2412 and a single AR84, and have been talking up the GLD as a pretty amazing mixer & value to anyone who asks – I’ve been thrilled with it for our use so far.

Anyway here are my suggestions:

1. For the Delay FX engines, display delay time in BPM rather than milliseconds. Several other manufacturers do it; it makes much more sense for music applications since the band is usually synced to click measured in BPM. Bonus points: round it to the nearest 1 BPM (i.e. tapping at 77.38 BPM rounds to 77 BPM). If there’s not enough DSP, I’d be happy to sacrifice one of the other FX units to make it happen (reducing my available FX from 8 to 7, for example).

2. Also for the Delay FX, make delay times above 1,360 ms available. There are frequent times when I really want more delay than that. 2 seconds would be sufficient for any of my needs; really 1.5 or 1.6 seconds would probably cover me, but 1.36 seconds doesn’t quite do the job.

3. It would be really nice to be able to create additional stereo channels – even if this was part of the “basic” mixer configuration (along with choices like LR, LCR, etc). I don’t really need it for stereo stage inputs like keyboards, but I usually run more than 2 channels of playback; it would be nice to have them for USB playback, iPod input, and video input, for example. For now I’m just using ganging, which works, but isn’t the same.

4. The ability to assign a softkey to be a “play” or “record” control for USB audio, without having to go to the USB audio screen would be fantastic.

5. It would be really nice for the “speaker-management”-like FX unit available in the iLive to also be available in the GLD.

6. The long shot: a “GLD-112” with 8 extra faders would be extremely welcome, and I would probably buy 2 of them very quickly; instead we’re weighing possibly buying one iLive T112 now and perhaps another down the road, but the GLD offers some features we really like, most notably the ability to use Aviom and Dante simultaneously without kludging something together or spending a ton of extra money to go the modular route.

Anyway, thanks to A&H for a great product, and for continued improvements!

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Oops, just realized the last sentence of #1 was intended to be the last sentence of #2, where it is much more logical :)

Thanks for the reply!