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ahjeff, if dsnake uses 100 mbit/s ethernet, that means it uses only two pairs. which in turn means it might be possible with a single four-pair standard ethernet cable to get both the 24/12 plus extender and the “local” 8/4 extender onto the stage, with appropriate 1:2 adapters. has anybody tried this? i might give it a go the next time i get to play with a gld, which is later this month…

I am a networking idiot but I would be stoked it this is true. Can we get a verification of this an the correct pinout please?

2 X GLD80
2 X AR2412
1 X AR840

If indeed this is the case, pins 1+2 and 3+6 would be used.

On a patch panel, you’d wire two of the pairs to 1+2 and 3+6 on one port, then use the other pairs as 1+2 and 3+6 for the second port.