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Also the GLD only has two stereo channels. Do you find this annoying or is ganging channels together good enough?

True. But it is possible to use an Stereo group to make a stereo pair of two inputs. Works fine as long as you only send the output to Main L/R (and you have mixbusses enough). In my default template I have the USB player configured this way so I have both Stereo DSP channels available for my gigs.


The ilive had a dedicated subwoofer bus and the GLD does not. Do you find that using a post fader aux with sends on rotaries is just as good?

Using an Aux for Sub out works like a charm.


…or include a de-esser option in the fx rack?

You can make your own de-esser in the GLD. Just route your channel(s) which you want to de-ess to a (stereo) group. In this (stereo) group, configure a normal compressor, with the side chain filter set to ON. Set your low freq to approx 6.5kHz. high freq to 12kHz or so. (compressor threshold… what you need ; 3.5:1 ; attack < 1ms ; release +/- 200ms).


GLD80 :-)