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I would also prefer the “select” to automatically show the function that you have selected, and not the one chosen by the right side keys. There is far too much pressing of buttons on the GLD to get to where you need to go in a live situation.

While we are on the subject: why on earth does not the “Select” and the “Mix” switch also clear when you engage the “clear PAFL” softkey (9)? This should at least be an option. Then it would be simple: on touch of the softkey, and you’re back to L&R with no possibility to be adjusting the wrong mix, or on a seleted channel on a hidden layer. Please A&H, make this happen.
The Yamaha series has had the “home”-key for years now…

Also I would like to see a “peak hold” option in the meters section, and again (I have asked three times) I seriously need more than 1.36 seconds of delay-time in the FX section.

And multiband compression would be nice too :)