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Another useful function of the green SEL keys is when using COPY/PASTE/RESET of a particular processing section or a whole channel. What about a user option / preference on press and hold of the SEL key; could either bring up the audio monitor at that point or force the sceen to the processing view as its clear the operator is wanting to work with that section in detail?



Originally posted by nettings

I find it irritating that the green “select” buttons in the channel strip section (i.e. head amp, eq, gate, compressor etc.) only have an effect if the screen is in processing mode.

Since the only function of those select buttons is to put the respective section on the screen for more detailed contol, I don’t see the rationale behind having to switch manually to “processing” mode before these buttons take effect.

The screen should automatically switch to processing whenever any green select button in the channel strip section is pressed, and display the respective control screen. Extra points for remembering the previous screen and restoring it when the same green select button is pressed again.

First-time users in particular will find the overall discoverability of the desk much improved if these friendly green buttons will _always_ work as expected – think trade show tinkering ;)

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