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We performed some testing this evening with the following results:

An iPad 1st Gen AT&T running 5.1.1 stayed connected for almost 1 hour.

My iPad 3rd Gen Verizon running 6.1.3 failed.
The iPad Mini Verizon running 6.1.3 doesn’t work. I didn’t have it with me during the testing this evening.

Ping testing showed no more than 100ms ping from my Macbook Air the whole time.

I hooked my iPad 3rd Gen up to the iPhone Configuration Utility and captured the following in the console log during the drop:

Mar 26 19:53:03 RPM2 iGL-MixPad[209] <Warning>: — ERROR — UDP Client Connection Thread recvfrom(…) – error Bad file descriptor
File… /Users/andrewbe/iOS/iGL-MixPad/GLD-Firmware-V1.1/iGL/trunk/iGL-MixPad/classes/../../../../AHNet/trunk/Posix/UDPConnectionThread.cpp
Line… 157
Mar 26 19:54:44 RPM2 kernel[0] <Debug>: launchd[213] Builtin profile: com.apple.xpcd (sandbox)
Mar 26 19:54:45 RPM2 CommCenter[58] <Notice>: Client [com.apple.persistentconnection[apsd,77]] is telling PDP context 0 to go active.

Hopefully that provides some insight as to why this is not working as expected.