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I for myself would like to see:
– Faster boot time of the surface and editor (what in my understanding needs an change of the programming philosophy – so not shure if that would be an easy change)
Editor should stay on and if an drop out occurs it should sync automaticly if reconnected. Like the Yamaha…
– full Waves SG Integration
– Fader calibration
– different lights on the channes strips and meters – the lights on the channel srtips are looking like they are sitting too far behind.
– Better built quality of the encoder, knobs -surface over all.
– more flexible network structure – its way too easy to get an connection error when having more then just 1 mixrack and 1 surface.
– ability for 2 option cards in the mixrack or even 1 in the surface. So i think it would need to speed up ACE to 1Gbps or so…
– Dynamic EQ and Multiband Compressor for each channel – not ony via an FX Rack.