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There are two steps once you have DVS setup and talking to your DAW.

You need to firstly configure the GLD to send Dante signals, this is done under the I/o routing page (soft key to the right of the touchscreen). I/O card out is the page you want – this lists all the Dante channels and what is assigned to them. You can also do I/O card in if you wish to do virtual sound check, for example. Map up each channel you wish to send, either as a direct output, mix send etc.

Then you need to configure the Dante mapping using controller so that DVS on your laptop knows what channels of the Dante stream to pickup. When you load Dante Controller with the GLD connected and DVS started, you should see both devices. You can literally map things by clicking the boxes. I tend to keep things on a 1-1 mapping for ease, so channel 1 of Dante maps to channel 1 on the DVS.

Then you can configure your DAW to pick off the channels.

Hope that helps.