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Originally posted by dymondaudio

Could someone let me know if it is possible to plug a surface in while a show is running and have it connect properly?

Basically the surface cannot be put into position until the the band are due to go on, however the DJ will already be playing and I don’t want the sound to cut out while the mix-rack reboots with a new connection to include the surface.

Unfortunately everything is now in place and I cannot test before the start of the show.

Anyone tried this before?

Although I’ve never done this I have demonstrated how an ilive loosing its ACE connection between the surface and mix rack will continue passing audio even during reboot.so, if you plug the surface in before the dj starts then have the dj play set his levels…(or use an editor) remove the ace cable connecting the surface to the mixrack ! then when needed just re boot the surface after you reconnect the surface..this should work….