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This is getting very strange. We don’t know how DHCP would be getting enabled from a firmware update. The network settings live in a standard Ubuntu file /etc/network/interfaces, this file should not be touched during a firmware update. What is more, for it to change to DHCP it would need to have a line in this file changed from “iface eth0 inet static” to “iface eth0 inet dhcp”, so as you can see it is not just a simple boolean. We do many firmware updates here and have never had this issue, but too many of you are now reporting it to be coincidence, so if any of you experience this in the future could you give technical support detailed information, i.e. network settings prior to firmware update, firmware updating from and to, does it retain the setting for static setup, or does it change to some sort of default?

Antony Jackson
Software Manager
Allen & Heath Limited