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1. Be able to gang a Stereo Matrix with a Mono Matrix Yes Please!
2. Side Chain connection between Main and Aux (I use a mono Aux for Subs and it would be nice to keep it together)Yep That B good!
3. Scene settings EDIT – can we get visibility of the surface configuration stuff like PAFL latching, bank linking DCA / Mute group, soft keys. these things are stored in a store All but you can’t add them to a discretely specified Scene config.Oh Yeah – I’ve suggested a Scene Preview mode along the same lines so you can edit scene contents – while not the active scene! – Possibly best on Editor though?
4. Trim on outputs ideally with the Polarity button + 1
5. Gain on RTA so that we can get it to a reasonable level on the screen Yes! Autogain option?
6. retrofit labels for the two EQ ranges
7. the ability to route a Group to effect sends would be handy

That’s probably enough for now :)

A good bunch of suggestions Duncan!


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