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I appreciate the replies and will look into that box. And yes I realize I am talking about two different things. My understanding is you can use smpte position (for my purposes ltc) and there is also the sampling clocks of the video and audio recorders. If either can be linked it should be usable, but doing both makes it the best possible. And maybe far beyond necessary for our purposes. The problem I’m having with ltc, is what do I use to sync them back together in the end? I’ve found a video showing how it’s done with avid media composer. But selling the powers that be on $2500 editing software is another task. ;) if I could sync sample clocks, at least from what I’ve read, once you bring the two files together and “nudge” the audio into place it should stay synced throughout. But adding a madi card or dante interface just to clock with seems overkill also. In the end the app plural eyes may be our best bet.

However if anyone else can explain something better I’m all ears. And thanks again for the help thus far. :)

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