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Working with a system using a T80 surface. New to the iLive system but I’ve read every document and watched every training video and still cant sort out something that should be simple…

Have saved multiple shows. The venue has a USB stick that was given them by the system installer. I have several sticks of my own.

If I plug in their USB stick (it has nothing on it but a folder in the root directory named “allenheath”, the light on the stick flashes on but the touchscreen shows “no USB detected”. Got it to work by powering down the surface, installing the usb stick and powering up the surface but this seems pretty strange and extreme. USB’s supposed to be hot swappable (though there’s no “un-mount or remove USB button on the touch screen either).

When we saved show files to the venues USB stick I copied those from their stick to one of my own. I had other folders and files on my stick but I created an “allenheath” folder in the root directory of my stick to make it look the same as the original.

Was at the venue yesterday and tried plugging my stick in and the surface never see’s it (no usb detected on the show manager screen). Tried powering off/on the surface with the key installed but still doesn’t recognize it.

What am I missing here??? Any help appreciated.


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While I don’t remember the particulars, it was discussed in the past,https://iliveforum.allen-heath.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1030&SearchTerms=USB some USB sticks either are not compatible with the iLive or don’t play well all the time …those that work well are usually sandisk and kingston to name a few..one thing you can do until you sort this out, is to start up an editor session and upload the show files from the computer’s USB port…..FYI the allenheath folder should contain 2 subfolders libraries and shows which in turn contain xml files….