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some ideas:

– sidechain for dynamics in inputs AND busses, with flexible routing from all inputs and all busses

– a ducking-function in busses, with sidechain and with adjustable max. depression.

– possibility to insert channels, when a new channel must inserted in an existing channel-list (inclusive preamp-gain!).
not long ago, I must insert an additional tom-channel – and move all 30 channels behind them, per copy and paste preamp, channel processing and mixes = 90 actions = what a stupid job, and not one mistake is allowed!
ok, in livesituations I can simply insert a channel from anywhere to the new position on the surface. that´s easy. but for coming events, I need a correct channel-list, I´m a german ;-)

– possibility for quick safe channel-functions in more of one scenes (for example when another bassplayer will be integrated in a musical-band)

– a parametric-EQ section with 6 bands.
the lowest an the highest band can used as locut/highcut/bell/shelving-filter. this EQ is for outputs – and for inputs(!) and give us a maximum of flexibility.
why? all desks in this world have a 4-band input-EQ, whitch is in 99% functionally adequate. but, is this really necessary forever? sometimes, I need an additional filter for example for feedack-reducing in critical live-situations, or a locut, 4 band-EQ and a highcut in a channel.
maybe, the hardware-EQ buttons can have the normally 4-band EQ for better overview, and the additional filters can be used per touchscreen.
I think this can be an innovation in mixerdesign – and an unique selling point!

– automatic-mixer function to integrate the iLive in fixed installations, or for better handle double microfone-installations at lectern-situations (witch is mostly uneffective, but sometimes the customer needs it for different reasons)

– two screens for jobs with two technicans in the same time or for better overview.

– screen with overview of all dynamic-LEVELS (gates, compressor, limiter/deesser)

– don´t forget: the screen must have a good visibility also in open-air requirements.

– like “vilddyr”: a better control for the limiter and deesser.
– like “vilddyr”: a better quality for the surface, please!

– dynamic-EQ as alternative compressor-function in input-channels.

– Dante network inclusive gaincontrol. i think this is really the future.

– gaincompensation for FOH + MON systems.

– a much faster boot-time

– much faster scene-safe and -recall (for complete scenes)

– more FX-blocks, and with a distortion-FX! – sometimes the iLive sounds too clean ;-)

– samplerate:
48kHz is IMHO good enough for live-situations. I have no problems with it. the latency-time in the existing iLive is very good!
but: why not, with 96kHz we get a latencytime like analogue desks? ;-)
maybe you can make a switch between 48k and 96k?

oh, this is a long list… sorry.
and now: I hope you can understand my english ;-)