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Hi Guys,

I tried this with windows 7 using the WDM driver and it works without using any 3rd party stream mixing app. I had already tried VAC before realising you can do it with native windows functions. In my setup, I have PAFL mapped to Dante 56/57 which is then mapped to 3/4 of the WDM driver. If you then go to windows mixer (speaker icon in your system tray)Recording Devices you should see DVS Receive 3-4. Then do a Properties and select the listen tab. you can then tick the “Listen to this device” and select the pull down option to be your PC speaker.

FYI, I did a lot of other trial and error testing with WDM options within win7 and found I can plug in a usb audio pre amp (m audio in my case) and found you can use similar techniques to add more inputs mapped to Dante (you can even use the internal PC mic)so you could use one of these for talkback.

Hope the is useful.