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Hi Matt,
Sounds like you are talking about two different things: positional reference (TimeCode) and Timing Reference ( Clock)
For positional refereence you would need to have a TC master. Could be the DAW or the Camera ( if available) or a stand alone generator.
For the DAW. You could use this:
But i have not tried using this unit and Dante in the same software. But there should be no reason why it wouldnt work.
If you use the MOTU, you should be able to “slave” the camera off the DAW, however, i would recommend using a stand alone generator and feeding both camera and DAW.
That way you dont risk loosing sync if one of the units crash.

Maybe i’m missing something that the other experts herre can point out, but im not sure you need to worry about clocking both (timing reference) as they would be independently edited and recordered on different devices with no digital audio connection between them.
In the case you do need clocking, this may work:


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