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I have a GLD which has been updated to the new firmware while on hire, it came back and has gone straight out again…..my customer has noticed some changes and problems! Firstly the boot time has increased to about 3-4 mins, this used to take less than a minute. The AR2412 has lost its phantom power and also I have noticed the reset has disappeared from the Library. These are the problems that have been noticed so far! I’ll be getting the desk back next week, so looking for any thoughts, has anyone else had these problems? cheers Andy

You console is the victim of a stupid, untrained user. The user more than likely didn’t save the scenes and reload them after the update. This was documented in the release notes that the new firmware would delete the scenes. Then the user may have deleted shows.

The user probable enabled the dhcp on the network page. That causes the very long boot time. Disable it and your console will boot fast again.

The user probably doesn’t realize that you have to hold down the phantom button for a couple seconds to turn it on. Of course there is no phantom turned on since the
Scenes got deleted.

Why did you send your console out without set restrictions preventing the firmware update?

When I send my console out the users have their own password and they know that they are locked out of certain features to prevent issues!

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