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Though it seems people have taken it that way, I’m not particularly interested in wether the iLive system does 96k og not. 48 is fine by me. This is certainly not where I meet the limitations of the system. My wishes would be:

1. A better compressor. The current one is extremely flexible of course. Sidechain, int SC, Multiple algorithms, release time in dB/s, blend. All I really want is a more simple compressor, that sounds more “right”. The Vi desks have the most simple controls, and the best sounding compressor on digital desks. The iLive’s compressor is one of the reasons I find many new techs have a hard time “getting there” quickly, when they first meet the system. Simplify the controls, improve the algorithm(s). Peak and RMS is more than enough, if the basic sound is good! And give us a proper release parameter, milliseconds like everyone else.

2. The Limiter is now useless, and completely opposite of the compressor. No control at all. It is way too slow, obvious, and at it’s best it can be used to squash a DJ from smashing everything red. I really don’t understand it’s purpose.

3. Better feeling build quality of surfaces. They are simply too expensive for the kind of feel you get from a T surface or R72. Even the GLD is already much better, while not very good. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the build quality as such, but the look and feel is really not impressive. If you wanna play with the big boys, this should be addressed, though some of course will think that sounds ridiculous.

4. Lower noise floor, I really agree.

5. MUCH better startup and loading times.

6. an even better de-esser. Maybe the ability to apply broadband reduction, or a Q function.

7. More FX slots, and the ability to return outboard FX to FX returns instead of input channels.

8. Keep being totally awesome at an affordable price!! [:D]