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It might be possible to lock or tape the talk switch down ….

There is a setting where the talkback switch can be switched from push and hold to talk to push to enable the mic, then push again to disable the mic.

From the manual–
“Latching Talk Switch -Set the Surface TALK switch for momentary or latching operation. Latched operation is convenient when you are using a microphone with built-in switch. In this case leave the TALK switch turned on.”

We have setup a couple of the soft keys to be used as an assignment for the talkback mic (house, aux1, aux 4, subgroup 8 for example) and then use the push to talk button to activate. This allows us one button push per assignment for however many assignments we wish to have.

Indiana, USA

Edit …I just looked it up and under the Surface Setup and Preferences tab you can find this selection.