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I really dislike what I hear coming out of many of the other desks on the market compared to the iLive. The desks I dislike seem to be running at 96k or higher. The iLive runs at 48k.

The Yamaha M7CL and CL series run at either 44.1k or 48k and it is available as a setting on each console. I personally have only ever observed it set to 48k. The PM5D can run at 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, or 96k. There are lots of reasons why a mixer can sound bad, from poor mic preamps to bad processing algorithms. Personally, I would suspect one of these long before I would ever suspect something inherent to the clockrate itself.

I definitely agree with the request for faster boot up and operation and a lower noise floor. The waiting time for the surface or editor to connect is ridiculous! I have yet to buy the iPad app because am afraid to find out it has the same long wait time and then be out the money. I would also like buttons that did not feel so flimsy.

As far as software goes, I think it would be nice to be able to save the layer you are in on each bank in scenes and to allow more special characters (!-,: etc.) in scene and show names.

The biggest thing I would not only want, but expect, is better technical documentation about the hardware and software. In fact, I would like that about the current generation as well.