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However, the under the hood architecture of studio based systems is quite different from the live scene however.
Studio systems have a more flexible DSP approach, usually PC based while live has a dedicated DSP approach.

I’m not sure it is an apples with apples comparison.


I’m not sure that’s really true anymore

HDX is entirely FPGA-DSP-based (whereas HD Native is host based) Digico SD# is all FPGA software-dsp based, Bluefin 2 (calrec) is also FGPA based, with the SC48 is somewhere between. Pro2 is FPGA based as well.
While certainly there’s instruction sets for each application, the differences are far harder to identify.

Yamaha is the only manufacturer with a true inflexible DSP-based approach still on their flagship (CL). Venue is also still hardware DSP based.

Side note: Does anyone have any honest info on the iLive/GLD DSP? I don’t believe it is FPGA based, but its gotta be partly software based since we can reconfigure it so easily.

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