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Doing some work with a venue with an iLive T80 surface, iDR48 and a linked xDR16. Board is configured for LR-S out’s, 16 Aux send’s etc..

It’s a fairly complex fixed venue. I didn’t set it up and the folks who did are not available to explain what/why they did certain configurations. I can sort out most things on the desk but a few things just escape me…

1. If I select an Aux Mix/Master strip, is there some simple way to see exactly which physical output’s the Aux is routed to?

2. On the LR and Sub Mix Master Strips, similar question. Is there a way to quickly see what/which/all physical output’s the LR and Sub out’s are routed to? On this particular system they route to multiple out’s, I just cant seem to sort out how to determine which ones.

Whats got my brain melting is that I was able to trace the physical xlr cable going to the sub amp. It connects to the iDR48, output I8. When I select the “Output” screen on the desk and select that output jack, the screen says it’s source is a direct out from chan 60…is this some internal chan or something? How would I look at that and see what’s routed to it???

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi Karl,

Can’t stress enough how good the iLive tutorial videos are, they give you a really fantastic overview of the console, and they are quite accuritly named, meaning if you are looking for one feature you can watch a 5 min video instead of skipping through a 2 hour training DVD. They’re on youtube on the A&H account

1: Yes, there’s an outputs screen, but also you can select a prefrence so when you hold the ALT VIEW button it’ll show the physical input or output its routed to.

2: There’s an outputs button under the touch screen. Has all that info in it.

3: iLive has 64 ‘channels’ of DSP power, you can double-soft-patch and so on, so no matter if its an idr-64 or -16 you have the same DSP. Channel 60 could be a clone of another input, and iPod in from the surface, or anything else. No real good way to tell you what it is without seeing it.

there’s a great web app called iLive Viewer https://www.ilive-t.com/viewer that will generate output paperworks etc from a showfile. Really useful for configs you are not familiar with.

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