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What follows is an update of where the above took me.

The installer/seller of the system came to my site and we contacted the Tech Support folks for the US Distributor. After several minutes of discussion, I was asked to put the ‘allegedly defective’ module back in the iDR10 and test to see if it worked. Sure enough, it was fine.

When I questioned why this was possible, we were told possible causes were:

  • The Phoenix connectors have “come loose” before and should always be checked to be sure the cables are not putting tension on them. (Connectors had been checked and replugged prior to call. All connecting cables have sufficient strain relief to put significant slack in each line.)

  • The card itself can ‘disengage’ from the planar/system board connector even though both mounting screws are firmly set.

Their recommendation:

  • Check all connections monthly.

  • Unplug/reseat all cards annually to ensure this doesn’t reoccur.

It may just be me but this seems unreasonable. It also seems to indicate that the card connectors are not fully seating in the planar connectors (in the back) and, therefore, point to a potential (mechanical) engineering defect.

This particular iDR10 isn’t kicked around out on some stage floor or jostled in the back of a road rig. It’s a fixed installation; mounted in a rack on a concrete floor.