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or some reason, people seem to forget that analog audio can be (and is) more than sine waves!

Going down the path of 96k to reduce latency by 0.2ms (random number chosen) while sacrificing audio quality would also be the wrong reason because in my opinion, the latency is already best in class. (this one is still up for debate as some people seem to think latency is an issue).

If however, they can go down the 96k path, reduce latency AND make the desk sound better. Well that’s just fine and dandy by me and I’ll shut up and put my order in.

What you are saying about the 96k doesn’t make any sense from a technical perspective, in terms of the summing of inputs. Its possible a lack of phase coherency is related to the ‘problem’ you are heading, but that’s got to do with DSP architecture, not sample rate, or sample rate mixing.

If this were true, no one would bother recording at 192k for studio work. The recorded audio world is picky enough we would have shot down higher sample rates long ago if what you are talking about was inherent to it.

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