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or some reason, people seem to forget that analog audio can be (and is) more than sine waves!

Which is why I trust my ears before any maths.
Sometimes its nice to be able to understand and explain what you hear with your ears using maths and computer science, but at the end of the day, all I really have to go on is what I hear. Sometimes things in audio don’t make sense.

I really dislike what I hear coming out of many of the other desks on the market compared to the iLive. The desks I dislike seem to be running at 96k or higher. The iLive runs at 48k.

This tells me one of three things…

Either everyone else is crap at making desks that sound as good as my old analogs OR it has something to do with the sample rate OR I’m nuts.

The problems all occur when you start summing channels. The 96k+ desks sound fine with a single mic in them, but when you have 40ch of band or orchestra, it just doesn’t sound right in the 10k to 15k range. Sample rate is the only common theme I can find between the desks that sound right with lots of channels and the ones that don’t.

There are no doubt a lot of myths, facts or otherwise.

What I don’t want to see is A&H going down the path of 96k just because everyone else has and just because it is a marketing / sales tool (can everyone agree on that?).
That would be the wrong reason.

Going down the path of 96k to reduce latency by 0.2ms (random number chosen) while sacrificing audio quality would also be the wrong reason because in my opinion, the latency is already best in class. (this one is still up for debate as some people seem to think latency is an issue).

If however, they can go down the 96k path, reduce latency AND make the desk sound better. Well that’s just fine and dandy by me and I’ll shut up and put my order in.

This is a useful discussion, I’m not sure I’ve learned an awful lot because there seems to be so many contravening ‘facts’ from ‘professionals’ that it is very hard to get a full grasp on the issue without getting clouded by myth or pseudo science.

I guess that makes the issue all the more important to highlight to make sure we (as the market) are not putting pressure on A&H to do something that would not actually be in our best interests.