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Toby I’m not sure this is correct. As I suggested the sample rate and the converter latency are not directly related. The time it takes for a converter to process audio is not sample rate dependent as far as I can tell – a converter at 96k has to process twice the amount of data so could well be slower to do this!

What I understand is that higher sample rates decrease latency as each stage of the pipeline occurs more quickly. Your EQ requires samples in order to know how it should adjust, your compressor needs to identify frequencies to key into, etc. All of this doesn’t take time per say, it takes data, and a higher sample rate means more data is available more quickly.

This has to do with buffer size, which in digital consoles is most often fixed, unlike ProTools, but you can try it out yourself, fire up Pro Tools and set the sample rate to 44.1k and look at the estimated latency based on buffer size. Then up it to 192k and look at the estimated latency at that buffer size.

Now, this might not be true for all designs. Digico runs FPGAs for everything so it makes a ton of sense, for Yamaha it probably doesn’t matter much since its discrete components. No idea what effect it would have on iLive.

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