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Originally posted by woutert

You’re basically looking for another live-mixer…

Why not add an IDR0 or IDR16 as live-stream mixer.

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This actually is not my first suggestion.

VOLCANOJEFF, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Is it to stream, and archive 48 channels of audio, or just to stream a custom mix?

If the goal is to stream a custom mix, it makes far more sense to use a stereo aux off your iLive and just mix a stream feed on that. If your events are too dynamic to make that easy, there’s a few ways to go.

If you want to record, and mix for a live webcast, my suggestion would be ProTools or Logic, and get yourself a professional control surface. We do something very similar for our muis conservatory where we have a line-level split from the FOH console into some HD I/O’s into a mac pro running Logic and a https://www.avid.com/US/products/C24

This is perfect for us as it allows full recording, as well as live mixdown for our live web stream. Additionally after the event, the control surface is used for editing and mastering.

If that’s too much money (probably $8.5k plus computer and software) there’s plenty of smaller control surfaces, i’ve actually enjoyed the Avid Artist Mix a lot for a $1500 + computer and software solution. an SSL Nucleus will run you more like ~5k + computer and software.

and idr-16 + surface still won’t let you record 48 tracks, and would be a fine solution if you are just trying to web stream. But as latency isnt an issue (because you are web streaming) I would suggest getting out of the live-sound world and looking at DAW solutions.

p.s. thinking this out in my head, I seriously wish you could plug and iLive surface into a DAW. I’d pay $1000 for a EUCON iLive software-enabler.

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