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Three totally configurable rotaries with LCDs on every channel. I These colud also be assigned to FX parameters.


Rotary 1 on drum channels: FX 1 send (drums early reflection)
Rotary 2 on drum channels: FX 2 send (drums reverb)
Rotary 1 on lead vocal channel: FX 3 send (voc delay)
Rotary 1 on B-vox channels: FX 4 send (ADT)
Rotary 2 on all vocals FX 5 (vocals reverb)
Rotary 1 on Ac Gtr FX 6 (chorus)
All rotary 3:s follow current FX / insert / Mix selection a ka compressor etc. to get very fast access to all parameters.

More FX busses as I do spend easily 8 FX [:D]

USB connector on operator side of console

USB palyer/recorder ond/or iPod connector

iPad dock to use iPad as secondary touch screen and remote


Midas style POP groups

Motion sensitive spring reverb [8D]

Coffee machine…

Jukka “Pitkä” Kurkela
Äänimaisema Oy, Finland
iLiveT80 / iDr32