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Hi Millst,

In addition to the above, there are a couple of workarounds while waiting for the ME-U:

– If you are using a modular iDR10 / iDR0, you can plug ME-1 into Link 2 on the ACE card in Port A. We have a diagram on the ME-1 page showing this. Note that this setup is limited to 28 channels to connected ME-1s.

– If you happen to have an xDR-16 expander, you can fit ACE into Port B of your MixRack, and fit Dante into Port B of the expander. This way Link 2 on the ACE card can send up to 40 channels to connected ME-1s. However, note that Dante will have limited functionality in the expander (64 out 48 in max in V1.9).

Hope this helps