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I understand what you’re saying, but that’s a little different than what I meant.

The ME-U is what makes the ME-1 compatible with dante, providing you have a dante card in the ME-U. What I’m proposing is having dante devices and ME-1s on the same network (not having a ME-U at all) and not trying to get dante into the ME-1s or anything like that. Dante would only be there for a record split for example. If everything is of an ethernet standard, I would assume this is possible. As far as I know, dante can run on a computer network with other traffic. I’m really trying to establish what protocol the monitor port on an AR2412 is, and if it’s a strict ethernet standard or not.

If it was, then I would assume it would be possible to plug dante devices and ME-1s into the same network switch/have them on the same network, just like you are able to have lots of different computers and devices on a normal computer network as they are of an ethernet standard.

Does that make sense?