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I am having the same issue on a T-112 SPDIF out to a PC for recording mono track recordings of our church service and sermon. I also see the issue of the T-112 sending out a signal at 0db according to its meters from a matrix out and on the computer side I see -18db or less. This causes us to have to go through a digital normalize process after every recording to get the levels back up to audible levels for recording distribution.

Any work arounds?

A&H give us an option to switch the SPDIF output mode from dBu to dBFS, especially since Sam from A&H says most recording devices are dBFS.

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I hate to say ‘why does it matter?’ but why does it matter? if its’ digital all through the chain it shouldn’t make any difference other than visual?

The -18db is actually very smart, that headroom is extremely useful in multitrack settings so you don’t overload a bus.

p.s. I often user a external headphone amp for cans, and I have not had an issue (uses SPDIF)

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