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I’ve testet the App today and i think it’s great! I’m using it with the Apple-Airport-router and can still work in distance of 50meters from the surface away! Without loosing performance, speed or connection!

I figured out some bugs that are not really important but still nice to correct in next update:
Color-Assignments for the Channels don’t take effect when changing them on the Ipad.

Further nice to have for the ipad-app would be:
1. Meter-view of all channels or of the custom-meter-layer like on the GLD-Touchscreen!

2. The possibility to save and recall GEQ Setting (library)

3. Working with scenes on the ipad (next scene, GO, etc.)

Thank you guys for the App! It’s really worth to me!

GL2400 32CH ==> GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84