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That is true about the filters, but the inter-modulation introduced by 96k makes the rest of the signal sound worse.
Some interesting analysis and some test files to try on your 96k desks here:

The iLive sounds great as it is, increasing the sampling rate won’t make it sound better.

I stand by my argument that bit depth is far more important to sound quality than sampling rate and that increasing the sample rate beyond 48k ultimately hurts overall sound quality. One of the reasons I didn’t buy yamaha gear was because I don’t like the sound. Its no co-incidence that yamaha gear runs at 96k.

Onboard 2 track recording would be nice.
But bringing back an all in one desk like the GLD at the top end of the range would be a major step backwards I think.

I’ve now sold all my old analog snakes, I don’t want to have an all in one desk ever again.

more info on the sampling theorem here: