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That is the new configuration. It is just a pain having to re-run the. Cat5 from the mix location to the opposite side of the stage. We have to pull the unusable stage box from the video rack and put the 84 in it’s place. Correct information at the design phase would have changed the layout and a lot of labor.
Thanks for the feedback!
Just to clarify………We are very pleased with the system.
Aviom monitor system
2412 and 2- 88 expanders
Nexo vertical array 3- geo s1210 1- 1230 per side
4 Nexo s-15 subs mounted under stage apron
Nxamp 4×4. Power amp.


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Quite honestly, even in installations, i like to leave all my inputs on one side and run a sub snake to the other. That way, any extra patching as well as trouble shooting is done on only one side of the stage.

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