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Hi Jeff

The ACE link never exceeds 100 megabits/second. It uses a 100 megabit physical layer interface, so this would be impossible.

The traffic graph you posted looks to me like the switch is sending out some periodic traffic of its own. The ACE link transmits the exact same size packets at a constant rate of 48k packets/second, irrespective of audio, control usage, etc.

Are you able to filter the traffic based on source MAC address? Wireshark should recognise the Allen & Heath OUI and show eth.src as ‘AllenHea_xx:xx:xx’. I suppose it would be more interesting to filter based on ‘eth.src != ‘, to find out what if any ‘extra’ packets are ending up on the ACE link.

Another thing I have found is that when connecting a PC to use Wireshark, it can be very difficult to prevent the PC from sending out packets of its own. Presumably you have recorded this traffic using a port mirroring function on the switch?

Hope this helps

– Jeff, A&H