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As v1.9 already required fixed format iLive’s to be upgraded to a new DSP I can’t see version 2 coming along at any time soon. A&H are working on the replacement for the board so I imagine that and the baby GLD will be their priorities for the moment.

As Millst said the boards been around a long time now and I doubt A&H will want to put their brand in a position where half the fixed format boards run one firmware with a new DSP but the others that can afford or can’t justify it are running another. Quite frankly that would be a bit of a joke. Plus unlike changing the modular DSP, changing the fixed format iDR’s DSP would be a case off job which is going to scare the average school/church/end user so it would mean that the service centres would probably be on overtime!

Only my opinion but I’d rather they worked on the replacement than kept squeezing more out of an old processor

Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…