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Ok, got the app and did a bit of fooling around after the gig tonight. Seems to work fairly well, but am having trouble getting the select function to work correctly. For example, I will select AUX 1, the select button indicates it has been selected on the iPad, but the desk does not reflect this and I can’t actually mix the aux send as I would expect. In general mix mode the faders do respond to the iPad control, but not in the deeper functions of the mixer, ie; aux, fx etc. anyone else tried it yet? I am mixing again tomorrow from 2-5pm PST (California) and will give it another try during the show. Am happy to have the app, but really want to EQ, mix and set monitor levels from the stage vs in the hobbit hole the FOH mix position is located in. Hoping for the best.

“Can I get some talent in the monitor, please.”