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Please see post by AndyH above for info and an interim work around.

As far as the 14 character scene name issue blamed for the crashes, I’m rather skeptical as I hadn’t either saved or named anything at that point. I had loaded some library files into the inputs for ch 1-7 on the drum kit when it occurred. I did notice the desk wasn’t able to read my USB stick in the upper port and the lower one worked, but after some time had past and I went to the library for a different file to use, on an input I wanted to modify, it couldn’t find the USB stick at all until I removed and replaced it. Not sure how a scene name could relate to the issue. Have been told that the desk needs to be replaced due to hardware issues. Bummer is I have a show scheduled withJeff Keith from Tesla on Thursday. Hope I don’t experience a recurrence mid show. Then I look like a tool behind the console, which totally sucks. I don’t want to be that guy really.

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